INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PWM ELECTRIC FAN CONTROLLER PART US# 16795 - Patent 7006762 (Continues on reverse side) Outlet Retaining Clip Rev. 0 201116 5 16795-InstructionSheet. So I took the $180 chance on their high end PWM fan controller. Red Wire 3 #10 Sheet Metal Screws QTY. The stand alone VC1240 PWM fan controller has the following features: * Stand alone - Can work with EFI or carburetted applications. DERALE DP18910 DYNO-COOL 10" CURVED BLADE ELECTRIC. DERALE DP17015 HEAVY DUTY S/STEEL FLEX FAN CLOCKWI. Engine temp. 79 Posts . Clear your browser cache (for instructions click here then find the section for your browser) 2. 2. 1801 Waters Ridge Drive, Lewisville, TX 75057 . I see bad reviews on devices like this and figure the people didn't install it correctly or RTFM and thats why they have bad experiences. Add to Cart. That's why 4 stars. RPM-Based PWM Fan Controller General Description The EMC2301 is an SMBus compliant fan controller with a PWM fan driver. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, these Derale Performance fan controllers constantly adjust fan speed to keep the desired engine temperature that can be preset. Installing a ford contour dual fan in my fox + FREE CONTOUR FAN GIVEAWAY! Page 1: Installation Instructions Using a #10 Blue Ring Terminal provided attach BOTH Negative (-) electric fan leads to a good chassis ground (-). Derale Performance, Los Angeles, CA 800.421.6288 PART # 16789 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ADJUSTABLE DUAL ELECTRIC FAN CONTROLLER KIT CONTENTS QTY. Out Of Stock. The PWM version sports Noctua’s custom designed NE-FD1 IC for fully automatic speed control via 4-pin fan headers and comes with a Low-Noise-Adaptor to reduce the maximum speed during PWM control … DESCRIPTION 5 Yellow Butt Connector 2 Yellow #10 Ring … Wires are of proper gauge. According to Derale the 16795 is rated for a maximum of 75A. DESCRIPTION 1 Blue 5/16” Ring Terminal … PWM Fan Control Kit. Reactions: thadude. * Compact design - At 2.1" x 2.1" x 11/16" means it can be mounted to the inside of many metal radiator fan shrouds. Red Wire 6 #10 Sheet Metal Screw QTY. Like the thermal fan clutch, the PWM will keep the fan spinning, even when the temperature isn’t at the highest setting. Derale Performance has taken the concept of a thermal fan clutch and an electric fan controller and combined their individual features into one controller box. That said, what you can do to ensure fit is verify that you have a 12 volt electrical system and have a way to attach the radiator probe which uses a 3/8" NPT fitting. First off, I am perpetually optimistic. Derale Dual Fan Controller Instructions by Saum Hadi Posted on September 6, 2018 Derale performance pwm electric fan controller installation installation instructions high output 2 sd rad fan embly installation instructions adjule electric fan controller derale pwm electric fan controller dewitts dual fan control using the derale adjule Each closed loop Fan Speed Control algorithm (FSC) has the capability to detect … Tech support … DERALE DP18914 DYNO-COOL 14" CURVED BLADE ELECTRIC . DESCRIPTION 1 Adjustable Dual Fan Controller with 3/8” NPT Thread-in Probe 1 50 Amp Circuit Breaker 1 10ft 10Ga. Derale 16795 PWM Fan Controller Blue Black/Green Blue Black/Green Blue Blue A/C Compressor Clutch Trinary Switch A/C Thermostat Switch Or Compressor Relay (Gen IV) A/C Switch Panel Switch “On” +12V “Key-On” Ignition Source Yellow #8 Ring Terminal Fan(s) (-) DERA LE PERFPORMANC E SENSOR OVERRIDE B ATTERY SENSOR FAN BATTERY F NS ( )S A C U.S. P A T E NT 7 0 0 67 62 - M A D E I N US … 120mm 4Pin PWM Fan VotexPro Fan blades Corona . High Efficiency Pulse Width Modulation Cooling Fan Controller. I presume that is an in-rush amperage rating and not a continuous amperage rating. $199.25. DESCRIPTION 2 Blue Butt Connectors 1 Blue 5/16” Ring Terminal 1 Blue … If so, you will be good to go. $308.82. probe needs to be tight/snug in radiator. well while talking to derale they said that their instructions were written for use of a oem radiator. Before you start the vehicle, make sure all wires are safely zip tied and away from any moving parts. Derale Performance, Los Angeles, CA 800.421.6288 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SINGLE STAGE ELECTRIC FAN THERMOSTAT PART # 16735 (Continues on reverse side) KIT CONTENTS QTY. DESCRIPTION 1 Fan Control Module 1 40/60 Amp Relay 1 Wire harness with 3/8” NPT Thread-in Probe 1 5’ 12Ga. adjustment touchy, very little movement of adj. Find Derale Cooling Products 16795 Derale PWM Adjustable Fan Controller Kits and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! As theAC engine temperature increases the fans will increase accordingly. Pictured below is Derale 16795 PWM fan controller with the 60A watertight Maxi-Fuse in the lower left corner of the image. DERALE DP17017 HEAVY DUTY S/STEEL FLEX FAN CLOCKWI. Please direct all technical questions to our Derale tech line at (800) 421-6288 VEHICLE TESTING 1. The Derale 16759 control did the job. Add to Cart. Historically, cooling fans run at 100%, even when less airflow is needed, constantly turning on and off as … $193.24. screw changes fan engagement 6/8 degrees, makes dialing in setting a little tuff. DERALE DP16795 PWM ADJUSTABLE FAN CONTROLLER KIT P. $396.37. I stopped asking question when tech support told me there was no such thing as a fan that pulled 75A. Here's how it works; The controller monitors your engine temperature via the radiator, therefore providing the most accurate reading for your cooling system. Legal | Privacy. I'm wiring my car now and got to the point where I was going to hook up the wiring harness for coolant fans using relays to effect a single speed fan controller. 0 201116 5 16795-InstructionSheet. The Derale Control Module is designed to adjust the electric fan speed to maintain the engine temperature.PWM desired The Control Module has an override circuit available that when activated, will ramp up the electric fans to 60% running speed. Using a high output electric fan incorporated into an engineered shroud, this Powerpack can conquer even the most difficult cooling conditions. Therefore I cannot confirm fit on specific applications. Reattach the Negative (-) cable on the vehicles battery. 11172017 16795-InstructionSheet. Discussion Starter • #10 • 7 mo ago. Contact . Enhance your engine's performance with a Derale PWM adjustable fan controller kit. I went by the instructions, and placed the sensor on the drivers side of the radiator as instructed, well it never did work right. Add to Cart. Copyright 2020 Standard Motor Products, Inc., Designed & Developed by Multimedia Solutions INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PWM ELECTRIC FAN CONTROLLER PART US# 16795 - Patent 7006762 (Continues on reverse side) Outlet Retaining Clip Rev. I have a Derale dual fan shroud installed in my ZJ and am happy with it. The Derale Adjustable Fan-Control Thermostat with Thread-In Probe part # D16749 as you pointed out is a universal fan controller. By design, the sensor MUST install on the COLD SIDE of the radiator tank. The Derale PWM fan controller continuously monitors your engine's temperature, therefore CONTROLLING the temperature and increasing the vehicles cooling efficiency, while reducing the amps used to do so. Derale Performance is changing the rules of engine temperature control with Smart Technology brought to your car's cooling system through Derale's Patented PWM Fan Controller. Z18350. Derale Performance has integrated their high performing shrouded Powerpacks with the ultimate fan controller. Featuring advanced aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels and Noctua’s AAO frame, the NF-A6x25 is a highly optimised, premium quality quiet fan in 60x25mm size. $212.14. Derale Performance, Los Angeles, CA 800.421.6288 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ADJUSTABLE ELECTRIC FAN CONTROLLER PART # 16749 KIT CONTENTS QTY. Saturn has poor engine cooling fan control, therefore the need for this control. well the fan controller malfunctioned within no time and they sent me a replacement. DESCRIPTION 1 Thermostat Switch 1 Relay Wire Harness 1 3/8” NPT Thread-in Probe 1 Push-in Probe 1 1 x 1 Foam Pad 1 Retaining Clip 4 4” Wire Ties QTY. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS PWM ELECTRIC FAN CONTROLLER PART US# 16795 - Patent 7006762 ()Page 1 Outlet Retaining Clip Rev. The temp. I've read that there have been some issues with the derale unit, specifically with the stick on temp sensor. The fan driver is controlled by a programmable frequency PWM driver and Fan Speed Control algorithm that operates in either a closed loop fashion or as a directly PWM-controlled device. This unit features a Aluminum shroud measuring 18" wide by 18" top to bottom and is only 3" in overall depth to offer a precision fit. Out Of Stock. Alright I installed a 16795 derale controller. Fan Size 140MM (1) 120MM (8) 90MM (0) 80MM (0) 70MM (0) ... PWM Fan Control PWM (8 ) Non-PWM (0) FX-120-3 ; FP-120-3 ; CORONA 5-in-1 FRGB KIT ; CORONA 3-in-1 FRGB KIT ; HALO 3-in-1 FRGB KIT ; HALO 3-in-1 RGB KIT ; Halo RGB ; CORONA Red/Green... CORONA MAX 140 FRGB ; Company Address: 07F, 4#Building B, Tian An … However, I ran across a posting on Lateral-G that goes into great detail on how to use the ECU and a PWM controller (from a C6 Corvette) to produce a variable speed fan. DERALE … This product is intended for use in negative grounding systems only and limited to fan motors that draw less than 24amps.Should current exceed 30 amps for more than 10 seconds the unit is designed to shut down for self-protection. The Temperature Controlled PWM will operate 12V DC electric fans using Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) power that varies the fan speed as cooling is required. This replacement sensor fits part number 16795 and 16796.

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