... Academy Gray. Big Chill SW 7648 is the next paint color you can find in Sherwin … Down Pipe (No. :). I ended up with BM Seattle Gray lightened quite a bit to a custom color, and accents of BM New Hope Gray. Everyone just loves it at my house! Don't miss a spot. P.S. Can you send it to me?! I painted my bedroom gray over the summer and had them mess with the color so many times! Best Shade of Celery: Benjamin Moore Limesicle 2145-50. That is beautiful! (My favorite combo is grey with coral accents.) 7003-2. It does look better but I am going for a gray not a beige. I can’t wait to share with you more of our lives. What started out as a hunt for the family room walls turned into the basic color for the Family room, the laundry, the kitchen and the dining room. So more of a greige? Back to paint. Buy Gallons. ha ha! Oh great! In the RGB color model #6e7378 is comprised of 43.14% red, 45.1% green and 47.06% blue. I love this color, now I can have it too!! It is way too purple on my walls. I am definitely writing this color down for the next time I am looking for the perfect shade of grey. But oh my goodness my husband just hung up a new chandelier in here and it’s GORGEOUS!!! Or, City Shadow (CSP-60) by Benjamin Moore for a smoky warm gray. and they are in perfect condition…Check out my blog, my house was featured in Country Sampler a while ago, and on there you can see my (ugh!) I had to go back 6 times. Color Palettes Similar Colors. The hexadecimal color code #8a8c84 is a shade of yellow-green. Ask for one next time your in Sherwin Williams. Yellow and purple (violet) are opposite on the color wheel, so if you put colors that have a hint of these different undertones, it will make them look more yellow or purple. :) LOVE reading your blog! That is a wonderful yummy gray! That’s just a matter of preference. Get design inspiration for painting projects. Saw, Nail, & Paint. I finally had a clear vision of the perfect smokey grey paint, paired […], Contrats c么t茅 , un des plus quantit茅s que an venus de Tracy lui-m锚me. Haha Tara, sounds luscious! Find Paints in Store. Speaking of daughters, can Eli get ANY cuter? Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin 2139-50. What’s important in the kitchen is what finish you get in there so it’s easily wipeable. With Metallic-shine booster for cool, shimmering tones. I had no idea they even sold paint but I just love their color palettes. My secret to finding any paint color is from a fan deck. Thank you so much for posting this. I love your post and pics! And thank you! See more ideas about rugh design, blue wall colors, paint color choices. And while this may not be the most beautifully decorated photo, it at least is worthy to be saved because of the color am I right? © 2021 PPG Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved. I had it mixed in HD Behr ultra premium because I was spending too much on SW sample quarts! Otherwise, the cool and warm colors will stand out in contrast and bring out the undertones, as you are experiencing. If it helps at all, I am accenting her nursery with golds and it does look really pretty against this color. CMYK 65 20 50 10 HEX 579584 RGB 87 149 132 PMS 625 Summitt. It has equal amounts of cool blue and warm red it also has a nice balance. And I fell in love with one in particular, Mushroom. First let me start out by saying that I ended up not liking the color I painted the nursery a few months ago. OMGosh finally someone that understands me, this is the exact gray I’ve been searching for and people were starting to think that I’m crazy to care about color so much! Can’t wait to see your finished room! I can't even tell you how many times I have talked about different shades of grey paint on my blog. Random Colors; Evonik-Degussa 4244T Smokey Gray / #8a8c84 Hex Color Code. Oh, and I just showed my husband your master bedroom redo… He’s suddenly decided we need coral and navy blue in there! I have an open floor plan. Color selection as Accent. Sign Up. Buy Gallons. Thanks so much Pat! I am having some serious issues with my camera since it was knocked over not once, but TWICE. Your text color should be only Smokey X on these elements. PMS COOL GRAY 7 Legacy. I searched high and low a few months ago for the perfect grey for our master bedroom. Color selection as Accent. This picture just ended up being a true representation of the color so I wanted to use it. (you can see my remodel at http://www.blissfulyesterday.com) This color is such a happy grey. An art teacher came in while I was trying to get to the right grey and should understood exactly- it was a warmer, friendlier grey. Smoky Blue paint color SW 7604 by Sherwin-Williams. thank you thank you! I just love grey…:), Filed Under: Baby, Blissdom Conference, Decorating, Paint, Projects Tagged With: Ellie, Grey Formula, Grey Paint, Grey Paint Formula, Mushroom Color Paint, Mushroom Formula, Nursery, Nursery Paint, Perfect Grey, Smokey Grey. Oh my gosh. Pale oak is a true greige. Ivy Lane. Well spent hours..weeks..months..to find the perfect grey. funny, i remember you talking about this at SNAP! :) I also chose a Matte finish (in between a flat and satin) and it’s my new favorite finish. Oh, my new good friends at the BM store called me the shades of gray lady (not pleased with the reference!) Buy Samples. Gallery Grey. I plan to use it in another room this fall. This past year, at our house we painted SW “Perfect Greige” throughout most of our basement to tie together brown carpet and grey tile. I too am searching for the “perfect” gray for my baby girls nursery (too coordinate with soft pink, white or ivory,and taupe accents (I brought the attached floral pouf) http://www.rosenberryrooms.com/483-floral-pouf-in-parchment-and-cobble-stone.html We purchased 3 “grey” colors from different stores trying to find the right one and ALL of them turned out BLUE! After several failures with color samples of gray, I read your post and ran out to have Sherwin Williams whip me up the Mushroom color. What you are experiencing is based on the color wheel. I too have been searching for the perfect greige and have been mostly disappointed. So that means I had to […], […] this has to be one of my most favorite rooms I’ve completed to date. Buy Gallons. Artesia. So ExCiTeD to see it on the walls!! Smokey Hills is a rich, graphite gray cabinet stain on Maple, with slightly warm undertones. I am SO excited I stumbled upon your blog today. So that’s a lot y’all. :). 5001-2A. Aw that’s weird it’s purple!! Sorry for the big ole ladder on the wall too. I love this color, but am wondering what you would recommend using for a kitchen that is easy to wipe? It’s almost like a perfect greige too. Finally, I settled on Behr Porpoise and could not be happier!

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