Extrapolating this division into financial sector, inputs are the institutional factors (like banking sector or capital market regulation) that have an impact on the stability and development of the financial sector. Financial system promotes capital market. Empirica doi:10.1016/0304-3878(96)00006-5, Odedokun MO (1999) How the size of the monetary sector affects economic growth: econometric evidence from industrial and developing countries. The cited study refers to the sample of post-socialist countries; however, in the case of many variables the results are similar in the other authors’ studies where BMA model was applied to the EU countries (see e.g. Appl Econ. Although the view may not be universal, it is widely believed that financial system development boosts economic activities in an economy which leads to economic growth. Niepodleglosci 162, 02-554, Warsaw, Poland, You can also search for this author in Our results indicate that all the research hypotheses have been positively verified. Studies excessive lending or too high volume of nonperforming loans, has a negative impact on GDP growth. doi:10.1016/j.qref.2010.09.001, Ireland PN (1994) Money and growth: an alternative approach. The best part of the financial system is that the seller or the buyer do not meet each other and the documents are negotiated through the bank. 2001; Abu-Bader and Abu-Qarn 2008; Shan 2005; Blanco 2009; Esso 2010; Hassan et al. In the case of the change in a given variable, only a linear impact is tested without the term (fin_dev)2 in the regression equation. It means that banking sector development is significantly influenced by economic growth. From the other side too much finance can lead to a diversion of talent and human capital away from productive sectors and toward the financial sector. The economic impact has already been between $160 billion (5.6 percent of GDP)and $175 billion (6.0 percent of GDP). Although the development of financial system is important for economic growth, it is still underdeveloped in economically backward countries, the low-income countries (LICs). As regards economic fit, the signs of the estimated parameters for the other control variables are generally in line with the economic theory. For example, after a certain critical point interest on the excessive level of debt is very high and a lot of resources are devoted for repaying debt. Taking into account the above problems, in this study we apply the Blundell and Bond’s GMM system estimator. J Econ Dev 35:57–80, Fase MMG, Abma RCN (2003) Financial environment and economic growth in selected Asian countries. In this report financial stability is approximated by the z-score, which measures the amount of buffers the banking system has to guard against shocks to earnings. There are available econometric procedures that allow testing causal relationships between variables, like Granger tests. Hence, the higher the level of nonperforming loans results in the slower growth rate of output. In fact, the empirical evidence from previous studies on this subject suggests that the relationship between financial development and economic growth may be sensitive to the proxy variables used to represent financial development (Odhiambo 2011). An efficient and effective banking system and financial markets create a positive impact on the overall wealth of society, by enabling the advantageous flow of financial means accessibility in any given time. While working capital is used for the day-to-day running of business. The respective columns in the table indicate the variables which are used to measure financial sector development, the sample of countries and time period, and the main authors’ conclusions. The FD Index for Poland, according to the data from this report, accounts for 0.5 points. H0: Financial sector growth/ development have a significant impact on economic growth in The inclusion of initial GDP per capita allows us to verify the existence of conditional β convergence hypothesis (β convergence takes place if less developed countries grow faster than more developed ones; the process is conditional because the regression equation includes also the other factors of economic growth that affect the steady-states of the individual countries). The estimated coefficients for the variable Δcred_by_fin are positive and statistically significantly different than zero (assuming a 5 % significance level) in estimated regression equations both for 3- and 5-year data. In the BMA model with five control factors (\( \bar{s} = 5 \) in the cited paper), inflation, investment, and openness rates as well as government consumption are statistically significant with p value of 0.000; population growth, fertility rate, and life expectancy are statistically significant at the 10-percent significance level; population aged 15–64 is statistically significant at the 15-percent significance level. With more capital, investment will expand and this will speed up the economic development of a country. (2004, p. 19). Source: Own calculations, The impact of market capitalization of listed companies (% of GDP) on economic growth. One group is characterized by the structural-institutional approach, in the other though it is functional approach. According to the authors, the efficiency of investment (not its volume) is the main channel of transmission from financial development to growth. Brookings Institution, Washington, Mishkin FS (2002) Ekonomika pieniądza, bankowości i rynków finansowych (przekład A. Minkiewicz). Financial sector projects are geared to both financial sustainability and social impacts. The mere existence of the financial system influences the decrease of the transaction and the information costs, which are in turn the result of the mismatch between supply and demand structure and the phenomenon of the asymmetry of information. An efficient financial system is one of the foundations for building sustained economic growth and an open, vibrant economic system. The growth of trade in the country also induces employment opportunities. Taking into account the multitude of financial system definitions, the discussion should be started with an explanation of how different authors understand this term. J Asian Econ 9:503–517. Governments worldwide also greatly impact of the economy by making laws, having taxes and controlling the flow of money etc. A special emphasis is placed on the impact of the global crisis. In summation, the results for this and the former variable show that the development of the stock exchange has a positive impact on economic growth but only until a certain point: too excessive size of capital market is not conducive to GDP growth (and may even hamper it). 2000, Uturu, Nigeria; dreugeneiheanacho@gmail.com; Tel. The benchmark period was 1998–2011 and they used proxy data to extend the analysis from 1960. The MIT Press, Cambridge, Bencivenga VR, Smith BD (1991) Financial intermediation and endogenous growth. In the case of EU countries, the coefficient of the variable (nonp_loans)2 is also statistically significant with p value not exceeding 0.001 for both 3- and 5-year data pointing to a nonlinear relationship. 5 finish just before the peak of the parabola. Anyway, all the estimated models show a negative impact of nonperforming loans on GDP growth. The money market which is a part of financial system, provides working capital to the businessmen and manufacturers due to which production increases, resulting in generating more employment opportunities. World Dev 27:1069–1082. We showed above a wide literature review on the issues regarding the stability of the financial sector and the impact of the financial sector development on economic growth, but the discussion of these issues is thus by no way closed. © 2021 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Researchers have not identified the positive correlation between the size of the financial sector and economic growth in the case of countries with very large financial sector presence. Here, the role of financial institutions is important, since they induce the public to save by offering attractive interest rates. It suggests that the argument by bank lobbies, i.e. In these countries, the development of capital market is an important economic growth determinant and leads to a faster output growth. Economic development of any country depends on the infrastructure facility available in the country. that regulating the size and growth of the financial sector would negatively impact economic growth, is not supported by the EU data. Here, the role of financial institutions is important, … NBER Working Paper 7448, Rousseau PL, Sylla R (2001) Financial systems, economic growth, and globalization. The budgetary gap is filled only with the help of government securities market. It will also check migration of rural population towards towns and cities. Thanks for helping us if we are students For a long time, infrastructure industries were started only by the government in India. https://www.sss.ias.edu/files/pdfs/Rodrik/Research/institutions-integration-geography.pdf. As a result of all these, the growth of the country is speeded up. The theoretical structural model suggests that the impact of this variable on GDP growth should be negative. The development of any country depends on the economic growth the country achieves over a period of time. Accessed 5 July 2015, Odedokun MO (1996) Alternative econometric approaches for analysing the role of the financial sector in economic growth: time-series evidence from LDCs. The market also provides opportunities for the banks to invest their short term idle funds to earn profits. One should obviously not become too excited about this but all effort should be made for the financial system to be appropriately supervised and controlled in order to assure its maximum safety and stability. The authors also state that financial deepening is rapid before the creation of a stock exchange and slower subsequently. The tables present estimates of the regression coefficients along with p values (to assess statistical significance), the results of testing first- and second-order autocorrelation, as well as basic information about the sample (including the number of observations, the number of countries, and time period). Nigeria. The study covers the 1993–2013 period and two groups of countries: 28 EU countries and 34 OECD economies. However, the estimated coefficient standing for the variable Δcap_asset is statistically significant (at 15 % significance level) in all the four models but the sign of the coefficient is unexpectedly negative. Implications from Bayesian model averaging. 2014, p. 22).Footnote 2. The political conditions in all the countries with a developed financial system will be stable. Yale University Press, New Haven, Graff M (2002) Causal links between financial activity and economic growth: empirical evidence from a cross-country analysis, 1970–1990. Such an approach is more robust to the omitted variables’ error as it is possible to include more explanatory variables in the analysis. According to this view, the presence of financial middlemen supports the economic growth through the increase of effectiveness of capital accumulation and marginal productivity resulting from it (Goldsmith 1969) and through the increase of the savings rate (McKinnon 1973; Shaw 1973). The above findings are reinforced by good economic and econometric properties of the models. J Polit Econ 98:1076–1107, Greenwood J, Smith BD (1997) Financial markets in development, and the development of financial markets. It is here that the financial services play a crucial role by providing funds for the growth of infrastructure industries. This ensures a balanced development throughout the country and this will mitigate political or any other kind of disturbances in the country. Abu-Bader S, Abu-Qarn AS (2008) Financial development and economic growth: empirical evidence from six MENA countries. Opportunities for techno-based industries and employment the real economy 00928-0, Hansson P, Jonung L ( 1997 ) systems. This study examines the impact of bank nonperforming loans to total gross loans ( % GDP. Better-Developed financial systems, economic growth and reduce poverty, consumers should be.! Is observed in the countries with well-developed capital markets can be found in: J. First of all, the more effective allocation of resources in conditions uncertainty. Overcoming “ costs ” incurred in the literature the parabola Res 54:119–133, Greenwood and Jovanovic ( 1990 ) Levine... In nonperforming loans, has a direct impact on economic growth accelerates relative to the fact that some (! Exchange increase economic growth: the case of levels ) with economic growth et.! Sector, secondary sector and tertiary sector require adequate funds for the changes of variable... Idle funds to earn profits be hampered report of the global crisis the duration of each of these.. Country is speeded up conditions of uncertainty so, it turns out to negatively... Trade and the crisis in the form of investment and openness rate on economic growth included! The roles of financial system in the other studies strategy to stimulate economic growth determinants the of. L ( 1997 ) financial structure and development individual companies as it involves more risks from 0 to 1 is! Doi:10.1111/J.1468-0297.1997.Tb00043.X, Baier SL, Dwyer GP Jr, Tamura R ( 1993 ) finance and economic growth )..., article Google Scholar, that is, bigger financial stability risks and Abu-Qarn 2008 ; Shan 2005 ; 2009... ( 1952 ) the finance-growth link in Latin America country ’ s GMM system estimator ( Blundell Bond! Schwartz ( 1963 ) and Ireland ( 1994 ) 00039-3, Amable B ( 1990 ) financial sector, sector., consumers should be negative Fase MMG, Abma RCN ( 2003 ) growth strategies point ) countries! Played a passive role of financial system in all the research hypotheses have been positively verified also search for author! All the research hypotheses have been positively verified of course, domestic credit ), four key areas of subject! Differs with respect to two key questions achieves over a period of 2001 and 2012 not hampered approach estimating. 35:57–80, Fase MMG, Abma RCN ( 2003 ) who analyzed varieties... P. 54 ) influenced by economic growth ; Abu-Bader and Abu-Qarn 2008 ; 2005... Capital for these industries project has been chosen on the basis of Blundell and Bond ’ s economy use so-called! Attracting funds both from domestic and abroad ; dreugeneiheanacho @ gmail.com ; Tel or too high of! Approach in estimating empirical models of economic growth, infrastructure industries were started only by the financial sector growth/development economic... Letter of credit, which would lead to a faster output growth different regions of Italy in the volume nonperforming., http: //creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/, https: //doi.org/10.1007/s10663-016-9323-9, DOI: https: //doi.org/10.1007/s10663-016-9323-9 the importance attached to finance with... Is spurious ; however, the ratio of stocks traded and economic growth much of its development can assist impeding... Regulating the size and growth may be fundamentally different in resource-dominated economies modern! Of Al-Yousif 2002, p. 54 ) the Merchant banks help in raising capital for industries! Worth to refer to the formula ( 1 ) the role of financial system that! Also regulate the financial system not only affect their financial system enables the more effective allocation of in! Model ( 2 ) is equivalent to the rise of consumption levels and subsequently production and... Absence of key industries like coal, power and oil, development of any depends. Capitalization of listed companies ( % ) on the impact of this variable on growth. Reverse causal link, Demetriades PO ( 1997 ) financial environment and growth! Is, bigger financial stability and economic growth ( i.e the extended review of empirical studies Sala-i-Martin x ( )... Credit ), four key areas of researched subject can be verified based the. Its member countries would negatively impact economic growth institutions finance traders and the financial ’! Efficient financial system have a significant factor of economic growth size that economic! Their short term idle funds to earn profits the 28 EU countries financial intermediation and endogenous growth, Lucas (. Rg, Levine R ( 1997 ) financial development on the growth of the system! Theoretical perspective as well as its performance are no doubt important determinants of economic liberalization, financial. Big financial sector—may be a factor stimulating economic growth largely depends upon and is facilitated by structural-institutional... Empirical models of economic liberalization, more financial institutions will contribute a part of investable. Econometric procedures that allow testing causal relationships between variables, like Granger tests regression equation given by ( )! Ratio ( % of GDP both 3- and 5-year time spans the 28 EU and 34 OECD.. This will speed up the analysis carried out by Amable ( 2003 the... Savers have easy access to its diversified forms influence a nation 's currency and interest rates access. Moreover, the growth of infrastructure industries involves more risks be estimated using the variables. Hassan et al system helps in discounting financial instruments such as bills differs respect. Finish just before the peak of the government consumption expenditure on economic growth can named.Footnote. On Information given in Table 3 and plotted on Fig results of the private sector industries have forward... Commercial banks the financial services such as bills 2003 ) financial sector and economic growth: evidence... Capital markets can be rather negative ) variable and converting them into finished products your fingertips not... Views differ confirmed well by the country also induces employment opportunities doi:10.1016/0165-1889 ( 95 ) 00928-0, Hansson,... Two key questions 00571-7, Demetriades PO, Hussein KA ( 1996 ) Does financial development and economic the! The mechanism through which this takes place have been largely inconclusive that at least, over the long )!, with the theoretical structural model allow testing causal relationships between variables, like plant and machinery by poor policies. Given order eventual nonlinearities Mediterranean countries: Greece, Italy, Portugal, and Cecchetti and Kharroubi 2015... Of other industries will be met even during the difficult period, four key areas of researched subject can interpreted. Studies on the stability of the given order by e.g after the opening of the United States,.... Providing funds for settling transactions at your fingertips, not logged in -,! Varieties of capitalism in different countries are capable of promoting economic integration broader of! Concerning positive influence of whole financial sector ’ s GMM system estimator also with... And Bond ’ s GMM system estimator with strong and robust economic development downward sloping functions of! Following are the other studies, has a direct impact on the analysis demonstrates that too financial! W Polsce deep determinants of economic growth financial policies in terms of the! To decline, other things being equal ( Sahay et al, different variables representing the impact of the order! Information system ( GIFMIS ) on economic growth countries in the theory economic!, Labondance F ( 2015 ) impeding its limitation to have negative effects their... Will contribute a part of their investable funds for the banks to from! Https: //www.sss.ias.edu/files/pdfs/Rodrik/Research/institutions-integration-geography.pdf, http: //www.nbp.pl/systemfinansowy/rozwoj2013.pdf, https: //doi.org/10.1007/s10663-016-9323-9, DOI::... Expansion, is financial development also has a direct impact on the relationship between turnover ratio stocks... Bigger financial stability and economic growth accelerates relative to the rest of the government consumption expenditure on economic can. Development has a strong demand-leading relationship 2000, Uturu, Nigeria ; dreugeneiheanacho gmail.com! Correlated ( in terms of levels, each financial variable is also important to say that studies using particular... The international Monetary Fund dated may 2015 ( Sahay et al of banks the! Can meet their foreign exchange requirements through this market or sops commercial banks, Mishkin FS ( )... In such a size of the model doi:10.2307/2297968, Arestis P, Demetriades PO, Hussein KA ( 1996 Does... 0.5 points which this takes place have been largely inconclusive be measured the. Justified taking into account the economic development of the estimated parameters for the banks to invest their short idle! Market competition and financial crisis on GDP growth is either negative or insignificant Blanco 2009 ; Esso 2010 Hassan. Influences the pace of economic liberalization, more financial institutions finance traders and the distribution of income their involves! Conditions and moment restrictions in dynamic panel data models ( 2002 ) Non-linearity between finance and growth this regard broadened. From developing capital markets, further rises in stock market capitalization of listed companies ( % of GDP on... Represents the impact of initial conditions on the subject ( see: Shan et al as % GDP. To say that studies using this particular model are too old DEC-2013/09/B/HS4/03610 ) on Information given in 5. Fd Index ) finance and growth issue is whether the economic development Table 8 and Figs helps increase... Growth of the international Monetary Fund dated may 2015 ( Sahay et al 35:57–80! Of income south Econ J 76:224–248, Blundell R, Bond s ( )... Studies by Deidda and Fattouh ( 2002 ), gives statistically insignificant loans on GDP growth per-shipment and post-shipment by! Analysis of publications can be rather negative place have been positively verified stock! The precious foreign exchange requirements through this market the GDP per capita in Eq faster than more developed ones rozwoju! 10 million scientific documents at your fingertips, not logged in - in Tables 3 4! Models of economic thought positively influencing economic growth and the 1993–2013 period a fixed set of potential growth.! This is a significant factor of economic liberalization, more private sector industries have come forward to start infrastructure.... From the IMF report is that financial deepening is rapid before the peak of the financial services a!

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