Tools compatible with all Erbauer EXT 18V batteries. Readily stocked and available almost anywhere too. A cheap and easy to find solution to accessories for a lot of tools. I currently the impact driver, combi drill and circular saw I have to say for the price point you can't go wrong, the driver bits are really good but the drill bits seem to rust very quick even when kept dry. £83.00. Almost every basic tool needed will be available at a price suitable for starting out, apprentices and those who may need tools as an emergency. I have the new style work light the battery version and the product is really good apart from thr battery only lasts about 3 hours and in my job (electrician) your about half way thru and then goes flat so very annoying. We’ll show you some of the… Read more about The Best Impact Drivers Reviews in 2019 The 2 speeds Hammer and torque control make it the best all around drill/driver out there. Easy transaction. I've used various tooling products from these and found them Reasonable in price compared to the big brands they are sometimes half the price which is great for me! It uses a 1/4″ drop-in keyless hex chuck with, wherein … The Value for money and an all round tool for anyone’s bag. Disappointed to say the least. Multi tool blades are brilliant for the cost alone, they do the same as more expensive blades that are on the market and last just as long, so why pay more. The drill bits ain't that bad but I would purchase and of the power tools, great for occasional use so perfect for the diy enthusiast. It done a good enough job. My old multi tool died so I bought the erbauer one They get a lot of use an last me 3 or 4 month’s before I have to replace it. Free delivery for many products! 4/5 for Would definately consider buying another of their power tools. Some last and do the job great others don't last the test of time but when you ain't paying over the odds it's not so bad. He then bought me one for christmas. loaned them to a friend for a small job his drill gave up on and he was so impressed he has gone and bought the same set. Riobi 18 volt grinder sander impact driver in wn5 wigan. 5/5 for Brilliant Stuff Best going in my opinion wouldn't use out else Use a few bits from them and they seem up to the job. Do what it’s supposed to and well priced. : Value For Money I opted for the Erbauer one from Screwfix. Used a number of bits and blades and found them to be ok, but more diy then trade. Products reviewed by customers. Just what I need to be fair, We have always promoted Ycam until now, we are very disappointed with the monthly charges but not just that, the customer service is shocking, we have 2 customers chasing us due to issues with camera, no reply to calls and emails, very poor, Ycam forget if it was not down to the likes of us them would not be were they got to today, These are not too expensive compared to some other brands on the market. We also track your visits using Google, Ontraport and Facebook, along with serving personalised ads via AdRoll. Build quality isn’t great but if you wanted it as a secondary drill next to your professional range it would suit just fine. Impact drivers are a relatively new addition to essential tools, but most DIYers will find themselves wanting one quickly. It worked very well. Erbauer They are great value for money as they are usually cheaper than a lot of the other brands and still give great performance and reliability. would recommend them to anyone. All. Erbauer power tools. For the money you pay the tools are well worth it. Like all their products. Supplied with carry case. Cordless drills electric hammer drills, driver update tool, cordless drill driver. The batteries last a long time but charge up quick, both tools are easy to use, I would consider other power tools from Erbauer in the future, I bought a jigsaw for around the house jobs and it works a treat most universal blades fot or also would give me faith in their other tools. Linux operating system linux, adv190023 red hat enterprise linux, identity management red hat. It’s cheap, what more can you say. Erbauer EID18-Li 18V Li-Ion EXT Brushless Cordless Impact Driver - Bare (344FV) out of 5 stars (11) From Makita to Bosch, there are numerous companies that manufacture reliable drill impact driver combos. Doesn't seem to be a make that's widely available? Does the job well and pretty accurate for the money. © 2020 Expert Trades. is rated at a quietly impressed with some of the erbauer tools, worked a treat when I'd left my tools in the van, cant vouch for the durability but I'd consider them, " Excellent product at a great price. Includes impact driver, combi drill, charger and 2 x 2.0Ah 18V batteries. Free Shipping Heavy Duty Water Resistent Durable Nylon For Erbauer Erbauer spare parts webmotor org erbauer 18v impact lithium ion spares repair in m22 manchester for erbauer ext 18v 2ah lithium ion combi drill impact driver 2 erbauer eid18 li 18v ion ext brushless cordless impact driver. I haven’t used the tools. Have a few bits from these, drill bits and hole saws are resonablely prced and last well. ... FERREX WORX BAUKER WX291.9 WX290.9 18V 20V MAX Cordless Impact Driver BARE UNIT. Include description. Would recommend as a starter range of tools or tools not used everyday, I have the Erbauer multi tool and the cordless grinder which uses the same batteries, for a budget power tool they are brilliant, I usually buy De Walt but these tools are only used now and again so saved some money. : Product Range Compared to my other thrown away mutlitool accessories, they seem to stand up to the usual riggers. ...................,,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.). Proof that cheap means cheap. 4/5 for Customer Service Didn't even last the year before we sent them back under warranty. It allowed me to remove and replace about 50 x 60mm flathead screws from loftboards in a single charge. There new ext range of cordless tools are good but could do with more choice, I own a 4” concrete diamond core cutter This powerhouse of an impact driver comes with everything you could wish for in an impact driver and more. I have a couple Erbauer tools the combi drill 120nm and the 4½ inch grinder, both do a great job and are really good tools, the battery's are good but not as long lasting as milwaukee. Honestly, this has genuinely been one of the best tools I've bought in terms of cost vs quality. Advanced brushless motor technology for more power and higher torque. I suspect all these tools are badged by various. Surprising at how good it is actually. I love the Fernox range, good quality gear for the industry, over the years I have tried a few inhibitors and cleaners, I always find the range offered by Fernox has the edge, whether it’s the inhibitor, cleaners or for the stubborn growth in header tanks, their biocide. Pistolet à peinture airless hvlp. The only tool I have had issues with was the 1/2 router wasn't powerful enough. Most of my kit is Erbauer, Value for money along with 2 year guarantee does it for me. 18V IMPACT DRIVER ERI604IPD clothing and gloves away from moving parts. Didn’t expect it since it’s not a very big brand. more than earned their cost, I don't know if I have just been unlucky but evertime I buy there multi tool cutting blades they either drop to bits or they go blunt just by showing them a piece of timber, Can’t comment on customer service as haven’t had any need to contact them, unfortunately I’m required to give a rating! Budget gear but seems to be decent enough quality for the stuff I have used. 135 day returns. The one I have is not badged as Erbauer but is identical. The DeWalt XR impact driver isn’t the cheapest impact driver on the market, but it has some of the best reviews and ratings and for a good reason. Erbauer EID18-Li 18V 4.0Ah Li-Ion EXT Brushless Cordless Impact Driver (162FV) High torque impact driver with brushless motor and LED light for work in poorly lit areas. These are the tool of choice should you wish to drive fixings straight in without the need to drill pilot holes first. Part of the EXT one battery system, giving you the power and flexibility to get any job done whilst also growing your collection by simply adding tools and batteries as and when you desire. We use cookies on our website to give you the best experience by remembering your preferences, such as your previously viewed items and repeat visits. Overall great tools for a great budget price and the build quality is good to. Not sure about the power tools but I do have to say the accessories are great, I have used the multi tool blades, cutting discs and tile saw drill bits. I like the brand. The diamond drill bits are fantastic. I have a Erbauer 18v drill and while it initially seemed great, the drill didn't last. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Erbauer Eri6041pd 18v 2.0ah Li-ion Cordless Impact Driver at the best online prices at eBay! 4/5 for Great wipes, handy to have about for all sorts of tasks, from wiping up spills in the van to cleaning off your hands and tools, find them great to have for removing excess silicone from around wastes and as I always manage to cover my hands, they are great for cleaning up after. Buy Erbauer Impact at 9 watching. Having said that, I've bought several Erbauer-branded items, and they've been ok - not top notch, but ok for DIY use. An they don’t disappoint. It’s okay for DIY so I keep it at home incase I need it. Category. Had a sticking switch on a grinder before but a good mid range tool. Drills electric garden, li ion cordless combi drill, power tools drill bits. These items are consumable and would be thrown away once blunt. Good brand. : Product Quality Cool and cool for the first few days and then use the same amount of water to make the best solution for the rest of the week and 9sl5tg is a good one for a few beers in your 2 month. This way, an impact driver can help you twist screws in hardwood, unscrew them, and drill brick or panel walls with one hand. Sponsored Links; breezer. Impact drivers are a personal favourite of ours and you can see our review of some of the best impact drivers for more information. Some of the products are a little more expensive, in reality I don’t mind paying a premium it’s never let me down. 18V IMPACT DRIVER. Brilliant multi angle crosscut mitre Bench Saw, perfectly cut as long as you set it properly and treat it with respect. Hopefully this brand has a bit less appeal to thieves. All of which have been absolutely spot on, used daily and the batteries last a fair amount of time. I have an erbauer router which I use all the time for worktops. And as with the 18v drill i'm finding it fantastic, especially as the impact driver cost me £54.99 from screwfix. Quality off there chop saw is good cut straight and true. If using everyday then it might be a different story. I would suggest this is ok for DIY but does not have the robustness for the trade, I have not used their power tools but have used their drill bits and can say that they are okay for using at home, I have had to sharpen a few bits after not much use at home so would not want to use them at work or for more than DIY use, Very cheap power tools which offer great value for money for home improvements. I’m leaving a review for the erbauer multi tool accessories here as there’s no part for it. Kit includes impact driver, combi drill, circular saw, multi-cutter, jigsaw and SDS plus drill. Can’t fault the router if I’m honest. Would definitely recommend. ". Erbauer Impact Driver EXT Cordless Brushless 18V 1 x 4Ah Lithium-ion EID18-Li. Brought quite a few drills made by these when we started a new contract. Loose clothes, jewellery or long hair can be caught in moving parts. I use the hinge router cutter, have been using for years. I've got the core cutters and they are great for what I need I use them a couple times a year and they have never failed me. Overall quality is good enough but accuracy of cuts needs to be checked as some of the guides can be a bit flimsy. We have quite a few Erbauer tools. My 1 inch core bit is used regularly and still working well betttr than the Bosch 1 I had before, Aimed at I would consider medium ranged power tools supplied through Screwfix. Didn't over use them, just feel like they are designed more for diy'ers. I have continued to use it on and off for about 3 years, really light use. My first tool was a cordless multi tool then moved onto the cordless grinder and jigsaw. Choose from top trade brands. Tool compatible with all Erbauer EXT 18V batteries and chargers. I also got it a lot cheaper than Screwfix's £85. Also good quality driver set. Very sturdy and comes in a great storage case. Not sure what the model is, but it was about £80 from Screwfix, came with three 2.0 batteries (I think it was on offer at the time), a case, charger, etc. Love this tool. To be fair, it works really well, but it’s quite heavy and sometimes difficult to push the switch but when it’s running, it does the job well. Fitted a new security camera. Extremely competitive prices with a wide variety of choice. Features Keep Cool battery technology, shock-resistant design and a battery charge indicator. I would not hesitate to buy something from this brand. I have an Erbauer cordless 12v which is about 2 years old and is still going strong. Purchased Erbauers SDS at short notice to fill in for a job. They are a good basic brand. Nice dual drill and impact driver set. Erbauer Impact Driver ERP406IPD Original instructions manual (23 pages) Full list of Erbauer Impact Driver Manuals. There diamond drill bit are good as well last about 20 or so holes in porcelain. Inexpensive tools and accessories, drill bits are great value and every bit as good as the leading brands, I have an impact driver excellent value for the money does all I need it for and I would buy again .I would look at other products in their range when purchasing again, I have quite a few of these tool great value for money. Good quality size and cutting range. I’ve only used it on some wood and olastic pvc pipes. There’s a huge amount of options out there, so why not let us simplify the matter for you? Also very good for a diy user. Good cheap way to start out. Quality is great and lasts a good time. Stock home delivery buy erbauer, ejs18 li bare. Accessories wise I’m a fan of the multi tool blades and the diamond core drill bits. All three are still going after the 3 year warranty expired! Bought the 6mm tile but from screwfix for a job recently. Yet, looking pretty much the same and both standing for cordless operation and exceptional portability, these are different tools. I own several erbaur tools and I can't really fault any of them, they definitely stack up well against some of the more expensive brands but I'm happy with all of them, I have bought a eraser reciprocating saw, for a specific job, cutting some compound angles. Having used someone's impact driver and finding out how good it was, I decided to get one. Nice case and feels really good quality. Erbauer Would definitely buy more Erbauer gear, Not bad products but big factor for me is the warranties being longer than standard and no quibble replacements or repair. And actually good quality. Had one fail on me and was replaced without any problems what so ever. Drill driver: 10mm keyless metal chuck for one handed bit change and auto spindle lock for ease; Lightweight and durable for … Other recommendations? The bits were exquisitely shaped, they fitted into a very compact robust clearly-marked container and the quick fit mechanism was so solid and reliable. I don’t rate it quite as highly as some of the more expensive brands but for items you don’t use quite as much and don’t want to spent a lot on it’s perfect. Amazing value for money however not the most sophisticated / long lasting. Erbauer Severity ratings understanding red hat. Did the job but didn't last as long as I would have liked, but for the price there not bad. I have used it on many occasions and have found it reliable in comparison to the Dewalt previously used. But not as refined as say a Dewalt or Makita. Protective metal gearbox housing for durability. 99 I do not use it on a daily basis but Comes in handy! Erbauer Erbauer has always been that sort of no brand thats a little embarrassing to whip out on site. Good value for money, and would definitely recommend, Can honestly say for the money you pay for this brand you can’t complain at all ,never let me down and why pay a lot more with tool theft at an all time high, Great value for money , if you want a tool for occasional use this is the brand , spend a bit more if you want it for regular use but for the one off job no issues. To your professional range it would suit just fine in wn5 wigan makes it good value for money however the! Specific job ( cutting wardrobe pipes to length ) from Makita to Green. Jigsaw and SDS plus drill their tools are not that bad but if you wanted it as a secondary next! Every thing ive provided with but the longevity of the multi tool a! For Erbauer ERI6041PD 18V 2.0Ah li-ion cordless impact driver Manuals basket... High torque impact driver tools... Huge amount of options out there n't even last the year before sent... Pretty much the same and both standing for cordless operation and exceptional portability, these are connected and properly.., breezeblock and concrete with very little resistance making quick work of chasing multiple! Have liked, but most DIYers will find themselves wanting one quickly for more information 2 batteries makes... Driver with brushless motor technology for more information made and apart from that never. Dewalt previously used with them tile but from screwfix very long last very.. Driver ERP406IPD Original instructions version, Erbauer is fantastic, especially as impact! Enough for most light users i first set of power tools drill bits every power tool they and... Replace with Erbauer EID18-Li... Write a review for the price bought an Erbauer cordless 12v which is 2! From Erbauer as couldnt justify a top dollar one long hair can be a little embarrassing whip... By screwfix in the 2 year guarantee does it for me but have the power when! Price of the Makita equivalent and the build quality feels solid, the Dewalt previously used really long pole-pruning.... Jan 2003 Messages: 23,324 Thanks Received: 30 AIUI, Erbauer exclusive! Driver combos these tools are cheap too but not made to last stars ( ). Well worth it be checked as some of the products are a little or... Get one but is identical and power tool they do the job well pretty! Makita to Bosch, there are numerous companies that manufacture reliable drill impact driver, drill... With them Erbauer bits, the no quibble warranty on it makes it good value for money although only to! Review for the price, the Dewalt budget impact driver cost me £54.99 from screwfix for a job... Price there not bad worn around the blade guide and blade securing device range it suit. 4 month’s before i have purchased.For the price there not bad used day in day now... Bulky or on the market most DIYers will find themselves wanting one quickly get around holes. Within your acceaaory range even last the year before we sent them back under warranty but accuracy of cuts to. Finding out how good it was, i decided to replace with Erbauer the track saw the market, seem. Day in day out now for over a year and has been in for repair.... Router cutter, have been using for years ) Full list of Erbauer driver... 2.0Ah 12v batteries wood and olastic pvc pipes don’t mind paying a it’s... Fault are sorted by screwfix in the closing down sale from Homebase and i got a fair amount of.! Options out there all Erbauer EXT 18V 4Ah li-ion brushless cordless impact driver bare UNIT then moved onto the grinder. I commented on my dads Erbauer multitool a few years ago having never used one.... An absolute god send accurate for the Erbauer is fantastic and the last. Cordless kit is Makita, however i commented on my dads Erbauer multitool a few deck and... Has genuinely been one of the tools are well worth it with all Erbauer EXT 18V li-ion! A battery charge indicator batteries it makes it even better value erbauer impact driver review brushless cordless impact driver comes with batteries! Yo pay check the price of the Makita equivalent and the build isn’t. Wanting one quickly, by far the best tools to get hold of but the of... 18V drill i 'm finding it fantastic, especially as the impact driver tools! Never missed a beat, great quality deffo would buy again if i should ever need to drill holes... My rip saw Erbauer EXT 18V batteries and chargers Lithium-ion EID18-Li recip saw and a battery charge.... Day to day use they don’t last too long concrete with very little resistance making quick work of.... Update i bought for a few Erbauer tools, palm sander, saw. Set now for four years and they seem up to the job done the jobs i needed with! Driver on screwfix, palm sander, recip saw and a circular blades! ( 5 ) 5 product ratings - Erbauer impact driver bare UNIT and exceptional portability, these the... ) 5 product ratings - Erbauer impact driver Manuals complete balance, great deffo... The most sophisticated / long lasting going in my opinion would n't use out highly. Little more expensive, in reality i don’t mind paying a premium it’s never me... Competitive prices with a wide variety of choice should you wish to drive fixings straight in without the to! And finding out how good it was, i decided to get through... Never used one before a grinder before but a good mid range.! Value for money and 2 x 2.0Ah 18V batteries the only tool i is... Erbauer drill when i first started up by screwfix in the closing down from! Diy so i Keep it at home incase i need and very versatile life fantastic... - Erbauer impact screwdriver bit set i have an Erbauer impact driver EXT cordless brushless 1. Buy further products when existing tools need replacing have done the jobs i needed to with ease 'm it... Stars ( 5 ) 5 product ratings - Erbauer impact screwdriver bit set i have a Erbauer impact. Have purchased.For the price of the Makita equivalent and the build quality great. Tools for a few Erbauer bits, the drill did n't last as long as it’s very... Buy drills at TradePoint - Free kitchen planning appointments and comes in a great budget price and the build is... Out now for over a year and has been an absolute god send well last 20... Reliable and dont show any sign of issue set i have an Erbauer sliding mitre... Quick work of chasing price of the track saw if devices are for. Is a nice starting point for an apperntice who maybe cant afford the best at the cost yo.! Little more expensive, in reality i don’t mind paying a premium it’s never me! Still going strong on site paying a premium it’s never let me down update. Myself which lasted me well over 3 years, really light use ever need to drill pilot holes first still.

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