Bed definition, a piece of furniture upon which or within which a person sleeps, rests, or stays when not well. See more words with the same meaning: to go to bed. Bedding is the removable and washable portion of a human sleeping environment. Hair messed up and untidy after sleep. Bachelor of Education bed (bĕd) n. 1. a. Rather than simply a rhyming association, the slang reflects meaning in the expressions themselves. Last edited on Feb 26 2018. b. c. A mattress. See more. A place where one may sleep; lodging: found bed and board at an inn. How to use bed in a sentence. A piece of furniture for reclining and sleeping, typically consisting of a flat, rectangular frame and a mattress resting on springs. Dobber: slang for penis, but more commonly used as an insult. Last edited on Sep 14 2009. See more words with the same meaning: money. See more. b. Submitted by Racer x. from Vallejo, CA, USA on Jun 03 2008. military slang for a bed or bunk. BEd abbr. Meaning: This term predates the term mattress queen and was coined in the lesbian and bisexual community. Another word for bedding. Note: We have 72 other definitions for BED in our Acronym Attic. A hairstyle that people spend almost an hour to make with gel and hairspray, to make it look like they did nothing with it when they woke up in the morning. Bed definition is - a piece of furniture on or in which to lie and sleep. See more words with the same meaning: military (related to). showing only Slang/Internet Slang definitions (show all 35 definitions). Accommodations for a single person at a … Multiple sets of bedding for each bed are often washed in rotation … Duvet definition, a usually down-filled quilt, often with a removable cover; comforter. Find more ways to say bedding, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the … new search; suggest new definition; Search for BED in Online Dictionary Encyclopedia Slang term for sucking semen out of an anus after an anal sex ejaculation. A bedstead. Bedding, also known as bedclothes or bed linen, is the materials laid above the mattress of a bed for hygiene, warmth, protection of the mattress, and decorative effect. Etymology: The term goes at least as far back as the ‘70s, but it’s not clear what the origin of the word is, exactly. See more. 2. a. Here's a guide to the most commonly-used Cockney rhyming slang: "Apples and pears" (stairs) Bedded definition, of or relating to rocks that exhibit bedding.

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